Mission of the exhibition center expo Georgia is to facilitate development of local markets, industries and correspondingly companies through organizing high quality exhibitions and events that will serve as a meeting place of general suppliers and customers and will become realistic micro model of the corresponding industries.


Vision of Expo Georgia is to become uniting force and leading exhibition center of the South Caucasus Region; the venue is to become an entity that will unite markets of the neighboring countries and will therefore hold the competitive advantage for companies looking to expand their business to the given region.


On the road of attaining the vision and fully fulfilling the strategic goals of the company include the following:


  • Establish exhibition as a beneficial marketing tool for companies
  • Educate local companies in best and effective uses of the exhibition
  • Provide high quality exhibition venue that meets international standards
  • Generate ongoing interest for the concept of visiting exhibitions.


Managing principles of Expo Georgia are following:

  • Qualityone of the main values of Expo Georgia is to set the standard for high quality in every aspect of experience. Therefore, the company is dedicated to ongoing and continuous quality management and improvement.
  • ProfessionalismExpo Georgia is fully aware that exhibitions and their success mainly depend on the employees. Therefore, the company focuses on employing and retaining high-ranking professionals, through complex employment structure, motivational schemes and lifelong learning and development program.
  • Value – Expo Georgia mainly provides services for business and for long – standing success, it is vital to provide clear, evident and long-lasting rational value for the participating companies. Company is dedicating to measuring and maximizing the given value.
  • Relationships – Expo understands the value of long-lasting relationships and the personal touch that they hold and is dedicated to strengthening and rewarding these relationships through special conditions and loyalty programs for its long-term customers.
  • CultureSince the concept of a free market in Georgia is relatively new, there is no longstanding culture of experience of using the venue as an effective marketing tool, or using it for maximizing their value from the standpoint of customers. As a sole Expo Georgia is dedicating to promotion and support of establishing stated culture.
  • ResponsibilityExpo Georgia fully understands and is proud of its share of responsibility that the company holds in the process of economic growth, boosting of tourism sector and development of the industries within the country and therefore, all of the exhibitions are planned with the given goals in mind.
  • Social ResponsibilityExpo Georgia takes the responsibility to its stakeholders and society seriously. There is a special find for the retired employees within Expo Georgia, ensuring that additional monthly compensation increases quality of their living. In addition, Expo Georgia takes part in various charity programs and events.
  • Preservation of heritage – one of the main principles of Expo Georgia is to have high environmental responsibility and preserve environment (natural and architectural) on the site. Expo Georgia is proud to be one of few locations within Tbilisi, where the Architecture of 1950’s is fully preserved and develops within the given style frame.